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Hi there! I was raised in the suburbs but always been drawn to the country. Having spent the last 18months in rural SA, I’m happy to be home in Adelaide but still seek connection to country life.

My regular hobbies include yoga, hiking and dancing. I also really enjoy rowing, reading and creative activities such as cooking, gardening, caring for animals, writing, presenting, essential oils and fermenting food.

Topics I would like to learn about include foodscaping, building, painting and sustainable living practices.

Personality-wise, I am open-minded, empathetic and organised. I like to be helpful and try new things to continuously learn. I currently work as an Occupational Therapist in the vision sector. In previous roles, I have worked in an acute hospital setting, sub-acute rehab and community brain injury rehabilitation.

Why I joined WWOOF

Great opportunity and reason to travel, spend time in nature and connect with people. I am keen to be involved in hands on work that supports others to build and maintain their sustainable living practices, learning along the way. Overall, I hope wwoofing will be an inspiring and energising experience.

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Melissa Yuill

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