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Meike Bartels

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Hey guys! My name is Meike, I’m 19 years old and from Germany. From December on I’ll spend the next six months abroad as a backpacker and would absolutely love to give you a helping hand. I had English lessons in school and spent three months in England a few years ago. Therefore I already know some English, yet I’m still learning and hoping that my language skills will improve during the next half year! 🙂 Back at home I have two younger sisters, a dog, two horses and even three chicken. Due to that I’m used to take care of others, whether they are animals or human 🙂 Most of the time I help my mom handling the household, for example when it comes to cleaning, washing clothes, cooking (which I actually like to do!) etc. I absolutely love to dance, to join drama classes and to do some yoga. I gave up on playing piano at the age of 15, but I hope that some time I’ll catch up with it again. In the winter season I often go skiing with my whole family or friends. Furthermore I enjoy doing creative things like sewing or recycling things I found in second hand shops or at flew markets. The best way for me to calm down is to have a walk through the nature while listening to some acoustic songs or even audiobooks. I’ve worked for four months in a bakery after I’d finished school in June 2019. There I was responsible for the packing as well as for producing cookies, pretzels and some sort of pizza. Added to that I worked in a Turkish restaurant as a waitress on weekends at the age of 17.

Why I joined WWOOF

I joined WWOOf because I think that that kind of exchange is a wonderful idea! I hope that I’ll meet some lovely people on my way through the country and offer some some help wherever they need it .

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Meike Bartels

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