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Hi, I’m Mayuri 26years old Japanese female.

I’m a kind, reliable and honest person. I grew up in the countryside, so I like nature and quite place. I love wine, cooking (not good at), taking pictures, and animals especially dog. I have two small dogs. I’m originally shy but I wanna talk and share many kinds of things and also improving my speaking.

The last 1 year I’ve been stayed and travelled around AUS, and had good experience. The 2nd year would be a more challenging year for me. I’d like to try something new things that I’ve never tried and do interested in! I’m so excited for meeting new people and next challenge!

Why I joined WWOOF

To do WWOOFing, I’d like to see people who care about natural and slowly life and then I want to know their local lifestyle, language etc.

I’ve done with a farm job, but it was only for 2nd visa and money. I’d like to stay and learn more local style life. I think WWOOFing is more valuable than just working in a farm. It’s not about money, we could be closer and hope to be a part of family.

One of my purpose that I’m here is getting opportunities working in a winery. Since I became a wine lover, I want to learn more and talk about wine.

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Mayuri Yoshida

Visa Type/Citizenship

Working Holiday Visa



Country of Origin



Languages I speak

Japanese, English

Skills I would like to learn

Organic Practices, Animal Care, Cheese making, Wine making


All food


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