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I’m Quentin COLEON french peolpe and I’m 20.
I would like to go to Australia to discover and work in the Australian agriculture sector because I grew up in a farm and I’m very interested in this sector.
So, I’m looking for a estate who needs workers for a few months.
I have already ours Visa (WHV).
I apply to your farm to work and to learn more about the Australian agriculture methods.
Please find enclosed my personal Bio.

Quentin :
As a farmer’s son, I know the world of agriculture well. I am particularly interested in crops and seed productions (field of agronomy and crops). Throughout my education and my apprenticeship I acquired theoretical and practical skills. Having already completed several internships, an apprenticeship and work on the family farm, I have been given important tasks. These require commitment and rigor. I am autonomous, dynamic and hardworking.
During my free time I like gardening, playing sports and discovering new things.
Today I would like to expanded my knowledge, that’s why I am addressing your company in Australia. I want to discover this country, especially the agriculture that is used there. Moreover, I would like to better my English skills.
Integrating your company represents, for me, a real stake for the future in which I will be able to fully invest myself.

I remain at your disposal for any further information.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Why I joined WWOOF

I want to integrate wwoof australia to discover the country, its culture, its heritage, its agriculture. All this in a friendly spirit with new encounters.

In addition, the goal is to strengthen my English level.

I’m open-minded, simple, willing and courageous to participate in the tasks of family life and the farm.

For a first trip abroad the wwoofing seems to be a good solution to get involved in a new community.

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