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    Hello All! I am travelling Australia currently and am based in the South West, however live in a van so can easily be on the move! I am from Victoria and grew up in the country with parents who have a strong passion for self-sufficient living having always had a veggie garden, chickens, beehives, you name it! I have previously volunteered at urban non-for profit farms in Melbourne.

    I am eager to expand my knowledge on regen farming techniques as well as sustainable permaculture gardens/properties. Having been on the road for the past six months I have had a significant amount of time to better understand where my passions lie, and I would love to explore my interest not only in sustainable farming, but also in how to develop a property that works with the land rather than against it.

    I can offer a willingness to learn and a helping hand, I love to cook especially using homegrown fruits/veggies and am interested in meeting new people and hearing about their lives and passions. I would ultimately love to immerse myself into the communities that surround me to build relationships and share knowledge.

    Why I joined WWOOF

    I joined WWOOF as I wanted to find a place where I can learn and practice hands-on work to better my understanding of regen ag, permaculture and sustainability in self-sufficient living. I would like to come out of a WWOOF experience feeling if I have had a mutually beneficial relationship with my hosts where I can help where needed whilst also gaining knowledge and practical experience.

    I hope to better my understanding of how to run and maintain an environmentally sustainable property, as a future goal of mine is to live a self-sufficient off the grid lifestyle.

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