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I grew up in regional Victoria and l liked to think that l have some connection to the land, as kids the Country was our play ground, were we would go fishing, yabbying, swimming in the river/dam, pick fruit straight from the orchards..

l have been in the Hospitality Industry as a chef for the last 18 years and studied Nutritional Medicine to further my understanding of food. Hope to further my studies in Medicinal herbs.

I enjoy keeping fit, am a avid reader, bushwalking, spend time in the vegetable garden, having fun, enjoy the arts, generally enjoying life and this wonderful planet we live on..

Travelled many parts of this amazing world to explore different cultures and meet many different awesome people, amazing experiences that something l will never forget..

Why I joined WWOOF

I have ALWAYS been interested in plants, trees, and nature in general from a wee girl. I dabble in my vegie garden out home, but l would like a better understanding of producing food, animals, or building knowledge on a larger scale in a natural environment.

Hopefully l can take the experiences with me from what l have learnt on these farms and put the knowledge into my own farm in the near future.

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Toni Darlow

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