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Hello, I’m a young french men and I love travel and discover other culture. Australia is a big country and I want to visit it for several years. Now I’m in a French engineering school and I must be to do an internship in an other country, it’s a very good opportunity for me to realize my dream. Moreover the ecology is really important now in our world and I want to learn new things about that and I want to learn new things to work with my hands too. To finish this trip is an unique occasion to be include in an Australian family and to improve my English.

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This year I’m in engineering school in France and I search an internship in Australia. WWOOF is for me an unique opportunity to find this internship, to visit this country and to improve my English. This trip is also for me a way to learn to use my hands to work and to have an other approach of ecology. With this trip I want to discover the Australian culture and to live with an Australian family is, I think, the better way for that.

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