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Hi, I am Marvin, I am a 19 years old student from germany. I live in a small village next to Munich. In october 2019 my study (civil engineering) has started and from 29th January to 15th March I have vacations. A friend of mine and I are going to stay from 8th february until 12th march in Queensland. We would like to work at a farm for the whole time. We like to learn about other cultures, lifestyles, languages, habits and especially being in the nature and meet other people. Both of us like it and would prefer it to work with animals, because on the one hand to work with animals and being surrounded by them just makes us happy and on the other hand we both grew up with pets at home. Speaking english is much easier for us than writting, so please dont be confused if my sentences aren‘t correct or sometimes its difficult to differ about british and american english. I can tell you more about us. Our hobbys are playing football, basketball and swimming in the lake(„Ammersee“) in our village. My friend Martin is 20 years old and has a education as a ambulanceman. He has almost the same interests like me. Sometimes we work at a construction or help friends, for example last summer we helped a friend of mine to build a little summerhouse. In this 5 weeks in Brisbane we are looking forward to stay at maybe your farmcompany??? 🙂 You can ask us anything you want to know about us. Best regards, Marvin and Martin, two friends from germany.

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I joined WWOOF, because I dont want to get the experiencesin Australia as a tourist. I want to see the flora and fauna about Australia, which is extremly different to Germany. I also joined WWOOF, because I want to visit my aunt in Brisbane. She is living in Brisbane, actually at the Sunshine coast, since 1983. But her house is to small to be there for 5 weeks. And to be honest, it would be pretty expensive to stay 5 weeks at a Hotel or hostel and as a student I dont earn a lot of money. So the free meals and accomodations are a reason too. But as I told you already in the upper text the most important thing for us is the experience. We are reliable and diligent and can do each work.

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