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    I (Maria) am originally Latin American Bolivian/ Brazilian but have grown up in the UK, hence my different spoken languages. I have been working from a young age and have often had 2 jobs, a typical 9-5 based in a office during the week and retail/hospitality in evenings/weekends. I have lived mainly in London but also in villages Cambridgeshire and Yorkshire. My Partner Chris is from Yorkshire and he is a professional civil engineer and a member of the ICE, most of his work experience is in the construction industry as per his profession but he also has experience of working in security, commercial cleaning of cinemas, and taxi driving from when he was in college & uni.

    We are both 29 years old and have been together since 2016 and both always wanted to travel in Australia. I have travelled previously, 8 months in South America and 4 months in the USA as well as many other countries I have visited always as a solo traveller, but Chris has mainly been on short haul holidays and this will be the first proper travelling experience for him. We are both super excited and want to try a variety of jobs and locations during our trip and we are hoping to extend to a second year visa.

    We are both hardworking, and have similar goals in life but personality wise we can be opposites of each other. Us in a nutshell :

    Maria – very social, bubbly, eager/ easy to make friends, fast paced, a bit ocd, love music/ reading/ animals.

    Chris – bit of a lone wolf, perfectionist at work, more laid back, likes animals, into DYI and construction.

    Why I joined WWOOF

    We both joined WWOOF mainly because our life plan involves saving money to buy some land where we plan to build our own house with a farm, and also to build a glamping site business on that land. And if I’m not pushing it too much I also hope to have my own restaurant as I love cooking.
    We want to find a way to live sustainably and organically, we have become very conscious about the food we eat and the carbon footprint we leave etc.  We would like to grow our own vegetables not only for ourselves but also to be available to any glamping customers and to use as ingredients in a restaurant.

    Last year we started=

    – growing our own vegetables (or trying to haha) UK weather is terrible

    – keeping egg laying hens , 4 beautiful girls we are quite fond of

    – started composting green waste/hen poo

    – mealworm farm

    – researching sustainable homes and living ( watched many documentaries)

    – started researching agricultural farming

    – sourcing organic product from local farmers rather that supermarkets

    We really have joined WWOOF because we are keen to gain experience in an industry we know not much about but that we want to build our life around. We want to work outside (in the sun we hope) and learn valuable skills that only hosts on here can give as insight into. We are open to any kind of work really as long as we can both stay with the same host.   We can do completely different jobs whilst there or the same, we don’t mind at all.

    Some of the skills/ methods we want to learn=

    – Gardening

    – Growing vegetables and fruit

    – Composting

    – Harvesting

    – Caring for live stock

    – Bee keeping (that one is all Chris!)

    – Sustainable living

    We are  hoping to find something to start 13th of May in Queensland as we are arriving in Brisbane and looking for something in the surrounding areas, we intend on travelling north to cairns and then back down to do the whole east coast and south. So we want to plan and secure our first WWOOFing experience before we leave UK so that it’s all organised ahead of time.

    We both have driving licenses but are unsure if we will be hiring/ buying a car yet.

    Depending on locations we hope to stay with each host 2-4 weeks at a time and if anyone on here signs off 88 day work that that is also something we are interested in.

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