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I am a 28 year-old Frenchie and have just moved to Australia from France with my Aussie partner Tim. I lived in Melbourne back in 2014 and after 6 years living in Paris and adventuring in France and Europe, we are excited to be back in Australia! I love hiking, crafts (pottery, wood turning and sewing in particular), yoga, cooking and good books and am always keen to go on adventures to explore wild landscapes.

I’ve mostly been working office jobs, always in the climate change and sustainability field, but am nurturing the project of shifting to farm life, and always trying to have the most positive impact I can for this planet and communities. I am enthusiastic, optimistic and cheerful, and very keen to meet and share life experience with new people! I live my everyday life as sustainably as I can and am a vegetarian.

Why I joined WWOOF

I did some WWOOFing in France and it’s always been a great experience, in terms of learning, hearing and sharing life stories, and contributing to host’s projects.

With a project of shifting to farm life at some point, I am willing to get more hands-on experience, learn as much as I can and experience farm life. WWOOFing has always allowed me to meet new, skilled and passionate people willing to have a positive, sustainable impact and I look forward to more in Australia!

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