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I can give you the basics. I’m 27, I’m a male, I live in Adelaide South Australia. For my work life and hobbies I’m trying to start a new path to discover what they are. Up to now, I’ve been a young professional able to connect and work well with people from all backgrounds.

In May 2021, I left my role as Assistant Manager in 5 star hotel to work in Disability Employment Services. I’ve now taken some personal leave. Some serious personal challenges have shaken my life up completely, which I would be happy to share with the right host, and left me with the realization that; I barely know who I am and I’ve abandoned all interests and self discovery in the interest of following a traditional ‘career path’ and fitting the mould.

All I know is this, I love being outside, love nature, love working with my hands and problem solving with my hands and being creative. These things I know and yet all my pursuits in the past were ‘corporate’ in nature because I’ve been so lost and confused for so long. I know that time away, working on land and with my hands using tools etc will be a meditative and challenging process. I feel this is an important step to restructure my life to make it more meaningful and be a better individual.

On the practical and experience side of things:

– I volunteered at Minton Farm and did first year study of animal science so I’ve had some exposure to production animals. I’m a big softy for the animals and comfortable around them

– Pretty mechanically adept and able to pick up things quickly. I have a RC Petrol Car which I was able to rebuild the engine, differential things like that. And it even started after!

– I have a Yamaha MT-07 motorcycle which I’ve been riding since 2016

– I enjoy gardening and used various tools. Success….. questionable

– Good swimmer, love the water.

– I’m not afraid to try anything and I’ll give anything a go!

Why I joined WWOOF

WWOOF was recommend to me by a Mental Health Services organization.

The person I spoke with understood where I was coming from and suggested WWOOF might be an avenue to go down. I did some exploring and saw properties that interested me. She hit the nail on the head because an experience where I can be in an environment that is nourishing for me, learning new skills, getting away and reflecting starting fresh, is exactly what my mind has been calling for.

I hope to achieve a fresh perspective and return with my mind rested , a clearer idea of direction, learnt some new skills, meet some new people and maybe even get a little fitter too.

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