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    About us: We are a family of four. Looking forward to meet you 🙂



    . 40 years old

    . Hobbies: Family, travelling, riding horses, jogging, forest cultivation in our own woods, wintersports, playing hang (instrument)


    . 41 years old

    . Hobbies: Family, travelling, forest cultivation in our own woods, squash, hiking and biking in the mountains, climbing indoor and outdoor, diving, wintersports


    . 9 years old

    . Hobbies: Friends, swimming, gymnastics, hiking, climbing indoor and outdoor, handicrafts, playing guitar


    . 7 years old

    . Hobbies: Friends, swimming, hiking, climbing indoor and outdoor, handicrafts, playing violin




    . Apprenticeship and work-experience as hairdresser (since 1997)

    . 5 Months English language school in Perth WA, AUS (2003)

    . Master craftsman diploma (2007-2009)

    . Vocational teacher diploma (2017-2019)

    . Since 2009 working for vocational school (main job) and second job as hairdresser to keep the practical experience



    . Apprenticeship and work-experience as carpenter (1996-2005)

    . Bachelor in timber structure engineering (2005-2009)

    . Internship and bachelor thesis in a sawmill as timber structure engineer in Bunbury WA, AUS (2008-2009)

    . Development aid in Afghanistan (2009)

    . Fire safety engineering diploma (2015)

    . Since 2010 working for engineering office specialised on timber structure and fire safety

    Why I joined WWOOF

    Our passion is travelling, and we enjoy meeting new and interesting people around the world, and we already spent time in Australia both working and travelling. It was an exciting time in an impressive country we made many valuable acquaintances while there. Many years later, we would now like to share the positive experience with our kids and introduce them to Australia’s nature and the Aussie lifestyle.

    We are a hands-on young family, and we love skilled manual work. My wife and I, we both grew up in a working-class-family. For our work-life-balance, we spend a lot of time in our own forest or on our neighbour’s farm.

    We would enjoy having a break from our daily life in office and spend some quality time with hands-on physical work for/with you.


    Furthermore, improving our English will be a positive side effect of joining WWOOF. Especially for our kids who started studying English at school last summer.


    Joining WWOOF gives us the unique opportunity to combine both our favourite work activities and making a wonderful and exciting experience as a family Down-Under and in nature.

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