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Hi there! We are Jonas and Manja (both 22 years old) from Germany and we are currently looking for our next WWOOF experience. We speak good english and are easy to get along with (no drugs, don’t smoke, no vegeterians).

We have been in Australia for almost 2 years now and spent six months of that on a family run cattle station (cell grazing) near St George, Queensland. While Jonas was mainly out in the paddocks working on fences/water tanks or cattle, my jobs included feeding/riding horses, maintaining the aquaponics system and keeping the garden/pool in shape. I also took care of the 2 kids (10 year old boy and 7 years old girl), and helped wherever help was needed (mustering cattle on horseback or quad bikes, cattle work in the yards, pulling old fences down etc.). So we both are used to long work days of cattle work, fencing and general farm duties in the summer heat of Queensland. We are both able to ride quad bikes, all kinds of lawn mowers and big machinery.

We both left out pets (cats/dogs/snakes/chooks) at home so we would love to care for no matter what animals. In Germany, Jonas did an apprenticeship as a carpenter so he’s used to all kinds of tools and machinery and he can fix pretty much everything. I just finished school and jobbed in retail after that for half a year before we left Germany. I also helped my mum in her cleaning and housekeeping buisness.

We have been on the Station from August 2019 until the beginning of March 2020 and spent the Corona-Lockdown on a little Permaculture / Goat Farm near Brisbane. After that we started traveling again until July, when we settled in Townsville for another 6 months of work. Jonas worked as a Carpenter and I was trained to be a Barista at Good Morning Coffee Traders.

We are not afraid of getting our hands dirty and will be happy to help where ever help is needed. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Thanks and kind regards Jonas & Manja

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We joined WWOOF because we love to get to know new people, cultures and communities. We like to share stories while having some good food and just gaining some life experience. We’re also very keen on learning new and trying different things.

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