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Malou Hultman

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    Hi! My name is Malou and I’m from Gothenburg, Sweden. I’m currently traveling through Australia, wanting to learn about small scaled, sustainable ways of farming and/or other ways of off-grid ways of living In sweden I normally spend my time with chooks in a caravan community by the country side or in shared housing in the city depending on season. During summertime I work in a community driven folkpark where we organise small musicfestivals, harvest markets, kids theatres and recycled tinyhouse building. It’s a very creative place to be at and there’s a lot of heart and sweat put in to it. I much rather spend my days outside, and I definently enjoy getting my hands dirty! I’m hoping to find a place where I’m close to nature, can contribute with both muscles and creativity, and where i can feel connected with a community. My philosophy is that together is stronger and i’m a very social person that loves to connect with new people and learn from new experinces! All the best, Malou

    Why I joined WWOOF

    I want to learn about sustainable farming and off-grid living, meet new people and be able to contribute in a community. I’m a very hard working, creative person who likes to get my hands dirty. I want to meet people who are like-minded and where I can contribute and learn. I’m good with animals and love gardening and I’m always eager to new building projects!

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