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Hi, we are Chris and Michelle. We live in a bus, travelling this beautiful country with our teenage daughter, 2 dogs and a bird.

Chris has a trade in Cabinet Making, as well as a Cert IV in Fitness/Personal Training. He has worked as a carpenter, building supervisor, operations manager, and owned businesses in the building and fitness industries. He is energetic and loves primal movement, health & wellbeing and living connected to the environment. If he says something with too much seriousness, he’s probably joking…

Michelle is an earth-mother and since bearing and raising our children, has worked in her own business as a shaman and natural/spiritual healer in varying modalities. She isn’t very funny, and her biggest mistake in life is letting Chris write our bio!! Michelle experienced a rare critical illness in 2016 which has resulted in a chronic condition from which she is gradually healing. The experience taught us both that life is too short to not live it both fully, and fully-connected… to each other and to the planet!!

We look forward to connecting with you. More info about us and our journey is at

Why I joined WWOOF

We are passionate about eating and living organically, and that this is one pathway to healing the earth. We want to both learn and contribute to re-wilding society’s diet/movement/lifestyle, and supporting & promoting locally owned small businesses with a similar philosophy.

As we are travelling in our fully self-contained bus-home, we have no need for accommodation, only space to park, and the opportunity to exchange our gifts and labour.

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