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Hi there, I’m Madeline. I am 23 and from the United States, living in Australia on a working holiday visa. I grew up in nature and have a love and appreciation for the outdoors.  I am a hard-worker and not afraid to get my hands-dirty. My personality is warm, kind, and outgoing. I am very compassionate, especially with animals. I have a good attitude and am flexible. I am passionate about health, animals and organic food. In my stay on your farm I hope to contribute, learn, and experience the Australian farm life. I am looking for a farm in New South Whales that is in close proximity to Sydney, but willing to make the trip for something special.

Why I joined WWOOF

I joined WWOOF because I want to live and work on a farm for a 3-4 weeks. I came to Australia to work a full-time job in marketing. Now that my contract is up, I want to maximize my time in Australia and experience the rural lifestyle while I am here. Learning new skills and experiencing a new way of life is one of the main reasons I joined WWOOF. Seeing the country and living on a farm is a part of Australia I really want to experience. I would love to learn new skills about farming. Ideally I would love to work with horses, chickens, and learn organic farming practices. The change of life-style and my curiosity for farm life has really compelled me to make this happen.

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Madeline Walters

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Working Holiday Visa





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United States

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New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia


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