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We are a couple residing in Byron Bay, NSW. We are conscious and connected to nature and live a healthy & sustainable lifestyle. We practise meditation and yoga daily and are always seeking new opportunities for learning and growth.

Zac has experience in organic farming, is extremely passionate about sustainable living and permaculture and he is currently a natural beekeeper. Maddi is a film maker and photographer who is passionate about spreading awareness and education on important topics. She has recently produced a documentary on the healing properties of nature.

Why I joined WWOOF

We joined WWOOF as we have experience with other WWOOFing websites and this seem to have a lot more options. We love WWOOFing and think it is such an amazing way to connect with like-minded individuals all over our beautiful country and the world.

We love utilising WWOOFing as way to learn new skills and develop our knowledge in areas that we are incredibly passionate about. We have learned so much through our WWOOFing experiences and met so many beautiful humans!

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