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Hi! I’m Lucy.

I am a bright bubbly human with a real love for life and a deep passion for growing all things green. I find so much joy in watching a tiny seed sprout, grow and produce a delicious crop that I can then harvest to create magical food with in the kitchen. I also have an abundance of house plants and am generally known for having dirt under my nails. I am full of joy most when I am outside, connecting with nature.

Last year I completed my permaculture design course with Very Edible Gardens (VEG). This course was life-changing in the most positive way. I am constantly applying new knowledge and skills to my life and my own garden that continues to grow and thrive.

I am a yoga facilitator and love sharing yoga with the wider community. I have currently shifted my classes online and am holding space for 2-4 classes a week. My background is also in architecture, a career that I am taking a break from, however am very much passionate about good design and environmental buildings.

I love to travel and meet new people. I care deeply for the environment and the planet we live on. I am a kind, caring, and supportive person.

I am currently waiting out Covid on my parents lovely 5 acres property just outside Trafalgar in Gippsland and am ready to fly, learn new skills and most excitingly meet new like minded people. My big question is, where to next?

Why I joined WWOOF

I want to deepen my knowledge in organic farming and have a particular interest in Market Gardens. I want to meet like minded people open to sharing their knowledge and skills. I am also interested in natural building techniques and getting hands on experience building things!

I want to travel around rural Victoria and get to know local communities to see if I find a place that might become my future home.

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Lucy Hayward

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