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    Dear Hosts, we are named Lucile and Dorian and we are a couple of 21 and 22 years old coming from Lyon, a city in the Est of France. Hi, my name is Lucile and I have already been living in Australia for a year when I was 17.

    I was staying at my host family’s house in Redland Bay and going to school, where I met some amazing friends and fell in love with Australia, its culture, its weather and nature. Since I came back to France I wanted to go again and discover more.

    Dorian has also been to Costa Rica earlier this year in a sort of volunteer system and he loved the entire experience and is ready to do it again. We both enjoy animals a lot, as well as spending time in nature, and even though we work as a waitress and a tourism agent in France, we would love working in farms, here in Australia.

    We like doing sport, Dorian is passionate by all kind of dances, and I’ve been practicing ice skating and ski since I was two years old, as well as horse riding for a few years. We are also interested in the environment and a few technics of natural health care such as acupressure, lithotherapy and others.

    We love listening to all kinds of music and would like to play some but we are not really good at it yet! Dorian and I are sociable and open minded, we enjoy being around people, sharing and learning from each other; we are pretty calm and joyful at the same time!

    Why I joined WWOOF

    We joined WWOOF because each and every life style and environment has something to teach! We like the contact with others that WWOOFing allows, discovering through families or individuals with their own culture and habits ; as we could share some of ours with you as well, if you are interested of course!

    Through our different experiences and depending on the kind of farm you run, we would be very interested to know more about permaculture and organic gardens. We hope to offer you our help with the tasks you would need us to do, such as taking care of the animals if you have some, doing the garden, or anything related with the farm.

    As every farm has its own needs, we will be glad learning from you, to get the tasks done the best we can! We believe in a society where exchanges of services without money transaction, based on trust and humanity, would be common, and this is what WWOOF represent. So we are looking forward to begin this adventure.

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