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    Heya!! Both my partner Finn and I are two very positive and enthusiastic travelers looking for some fun experiences in a land down under!! I grew up in Mauritius, a tiny little island in the middle of the Indian ocean. The island is 45km by 65km, and so as you can imagine, when you’ve lived there 19 years, everyone tends to know everyone! Throughout my travels, I’ve absolutely loved getting to know and learning from new and unique people from all over the world! Being out in nature is definitely where I feel the most grounded and happy, a feeling which made me go vegan about 4 years ago as I’m passionate about living sustainably and reducing my carbon footprint to protect this beautiful planet! Some of the things I love to do include cooking wholesome meals, hiking, rock climbing, playing cards, long runs and chatting about anything and everything!! You’ll always see me with a massive smile on my face and I’m curious and enthusiastic to learn and do just about anything!

    My partner Finn grew up in Toronto, Canada in the outskirts of the city. He grew up playing just about any sport you can imagine (baseball, volleyball, sailing, football, frisbee, hockey, bouldering) and is passionate about living an active and healthy lifestyle. He’s highly motivated and absolutely loves to take on new and interesting tasks. He’s a very quick learner and a newly converted vegetarian (wink wink) and has developed a passion for creating exciting dishes in the kitchen! His creativity extends to photography and videography and has taken his camera to some pretty awesome places around the world! You will always catch Finn smiling, dancing or singing, or a simultaneous mix of the three! He’s such a lovely person to have around and I can bet you some pretty big money that you’ll have six-pack abs after spending time with him as there’s no doubt you’ll be in hysterics 90% of the time!

    Why I joined WWOOF

    We are both on our gap years and have just spent the last three months on an adventure guide program in and around Queenstown, New Zealand training to become rock climbing and hiking guides. Following that adventure, we are looking to travel and learn as many new skills as we can over the next year! We would absolutely love to learn more about permaculture and sustainable/organic farming and so WOOFING seemed like the perfect chance to do so. We are also very firm believers in giving back to the community we’re living in, supporting small local businesses and reducing our environmental impact.

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    Lucie Eva De Marigny Lagesse

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    Tourist Visa

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    Finlay Gane





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    New South Wales, Queensland


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