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    I am a retired English professor. I have an awful lot of books, so if you would like access to a library, you have come to the right place!

    I am passionate about creating a series of tranquil, aesthetically-pleasing and productive spaces in my garden, utilising ornamental and fruiting plants, vegetables and herbs.

    My property

    I am forced to describe my location as suburbia, but my 1930s home in a small Adelaide Hills town is not quite that. True, you will hear traffic noise, but one upside is that there is a supermarket, pub, medical centre, pharmacy, and a great fresh food market less than 5 minutes walk away.

    I am on 1/2 an acre, so I have a somewhat larger than the usual suburban garden. Lots of bulbs, roses and fruit trees, including an orange tree laden with fruit at the moment.

    I have two rooms available and I would prefer 3 volunteers (ideally, one couple and one single  person) so that you have other Wwoofers with whom to interact.

    Organic/Biological methods we use

    I moved here nearly 4 years ago, and I have been working on my house and garden ever since.

    At the beginning of this year, I undertook some pretty major works, including the removal of well over 200 square metres of concrete, brick and stone paving. Among other things, I have used the stone and bricks to build paths in my back garden.

    I am now working to rejuvenate the soil on either side of these paths using the principles of the no-dig garden and a food forest design.

    Soil improvement is my main priority, so I have been working on my compost. I am using prunings from my fruit trees as a base layer for leaf litter, horse manure from friends, green waste from the supermarket, and a compost/loam mix I bought to start the process of soil regeneration. Planting trees, herbs and vegetables will be part of the process.

    I am not an expert, so if you are, your advice will be appreciated. If you are not an expert, we will learn together!

    There are already some naturalised greens in my garden (rocket/arugula and kale ready to pick), herbs (parsley, borage, rosemary, mint), but precious little is germinating in the earth I uncovered 6 months ago.

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    Elizabeth Bullen



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    3-7 days, 1-2 weeks, Longer stays by negotiation


    In Our Home, Separate Building, BYO Accommodation

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    Smoking allowed, No Smoking Inside, Children allowed by arrangement, No Children

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    Fish based meals, Meat based meals, Vegetarian meals

    Why I became a WWOOF Host

    I would like to provide a comfortable and safe space for several international travellers currently stranded in Australia. I’d hope someone would do the same for my children were they stuck overseas due to the Corona Virus.

    I’m remaking a big old garden. Right now there are several tonnes of soil to carry across the garden in a wheelbarrow, plus mulching. I am also making compost,

    My other project is replacing mortar in old stone crazy paving. If you have relevant skills, that would be wonderful. Otherwise, I can guide you. I even have a cement mixer!



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