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I am a mental health nurse and a Naturopathy student as well as a facilitator for witches retreats.

I am looking to explore a different kind of lifestyle. I am eager to work the land, vegetables, fruits, herbs. Help with cooking, cleaning, animals and construction. I am ready to get my hands dirty!

I am a spiritual woman who follows the sun and moon cycles. I love a good ceremony, meditation, drum session. I am keen for short stays with a view to ongoing stays/ work, if it’s a good match.

Why I joined WWOOF

I feel that WWOOFing may be the ideal way for a solo woman to travel and be able to connect to the land and community. Being able to learn new skills and offer my services suits my character, I like to feel I have a purpose and I like to be busy. I am excited to learn what it’s really like to be living off the land first hand.

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Lisa-Jane Mason

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