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    I am Lisa and I am 18 years old. This year (2019) I did my German High School degree. After school I worked in several bars to save money. For example I worked in a Spanish Restaurant, a bakery, a rooftop bar called Upéro in Darmstadt and also I worked in a burger restaurant.

    In my free time I am a volunteer who works with children. During the holidays we take care of children and cook with them. In addition I meet my friends. Sometimes I go to an fitness studio and practice a lot of sport.

    Also I travel a lot. I visit many countries for example France, England, Italy, Spain, Malta, Croatia, Netherlands … . Through an exchange from school I was in India and I learned a lot about the people, the society and the culture.

    For me it is very important that I travel a lot for collect impressions and experiences. I learn a lot about people, the society, the culture, the politic and the religion. It is very important to formulate an opinion and to judge.

    In the last weeks I went to Australia for Work and Travel. In this time I will learn a lot about myself. Also I want to reach my limits and try many new things.

    I think with WWOOF I can gain a lot of new experiences and it change my view on many areas. Also I would like to learn a lot of things about the agriculture.

    I am a person who learns fast and is diligent. Also you can inspire me for a lot of things. I am always happy and I smile often. I am very concentrated and I do my work well.


    Why I joined WWOOF

    I joined WWOOF because I think with them I will learn a lot about myself. I try new things and reach my limits. I collect experiences which I would not get in Germany. I get many new impressions that I would never have received otherwise. Moreover I meet many new people who talk about their experiences and also I can learn from them.

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    Lisa Gfroerer

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    Aust Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria


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