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I grew up in the Blue Mountains in NSW, and have moved back to Australia after almost 5 years in Dunedin, New Zealand where I studied for my PhD.

I love to garden, cook and preserve food, make connections, and be surrounded by trees. I’ve grown gardens at home as well as managed university community gardens so I can tell weeds from veges, and I’m fairly practised at making jams, bottling, and basic fermentation.

I don’t know much about professional agriculture or keeping live-stock but I’m keen to learn! I’m currently exploring what post-PhD life will hold, and am excited to have more time for music, travel, learning new skills, and meeting new people. I value being open and respectful to all cultures, and being rainbow-friendly.

Why I joined WWOOF

I joined WWOOF to learn and to explore. I am keen to learn more about different ways and scales of working with the land, and maybe to discover how I would like to live and work. I’d like to gain more hands on knowledge of how to grow, cook, and preserve food throughout the year.

I especially love food gardening, and am excited to learn about new gardening methods and plants. I’d also like to learn more about orchard culture, and keeping poultry and dairy animals. I’m also keen to explore Australia to meet lovely people along the way!

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