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Hey, I’m Leila 🙂 I am from Germany, 25 years of age, and I just graduaded as a goldsmith. Now I am just at the beginning of my travel around Australia, and whatever follows after (no limit of time or countries ;D). I just did a roadtrip through Tasmania with my cousins, visiting so many remarkable places and falling in love with all these special animals living here, and now I am looking for a nice spot to enlarge my still so tiny knowlege of farming. I have a lot of hopes and dreams… To make some of them come true, my plan is currently, to travel back to europe on a land route, but taking my time with wwoofing, taking opportunities, and just enjoying the time.

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Last summer I was at a small wwoofing farm in Denmark, and this experience confirmed my sympathy for this form of travelling. You’re right in the middle of the culture and the people, and on top of this you learn something about a subject, that gets (in my eyes) so important these days. And I am highly interested in it! I love to work with my hands, create something new, care for it, see after work what I have accomplished. And I prefer it, if it’s something usefull. In my school I had lot of manuel classes, one of them was a gardening class, and a few years ago I was in South Africa and Costa Rica working in different projects in conservation and one in a kindergarden. So I am not completely new to the topic, but still very far away from getting somewhere. I would love to make a lot more wonderful experiences, get to know a lot more wonderful people, and later on, continue travelling with a lot more wonderful memories.

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