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Hi there! I’m Leah, I’m 23, and I’m a pretty new WWQOOFer who’s ready to get started!
I grew up in the US in small city in Texas which means I know wide open spaces and have always loved the outdoors, and also my father briefly owned a vineyard so I have lots of experience in rock-clearing and grape-stomping! I’m also a former professional ballet dancer and have been working in the service industry in New York City for 3 years so I am definitely no stranger to hard work. I’m a fast and very enthusiastic learner with a can do attitude for sure and I’m really excited to farm!

In addition to everything above, I am also actually a certified yoga instructor, though I’ve only really consistently taught friends and family, and absolutely love to cook, especially new recipes and cuisines. I’m very lactose intolerant but besides that I can and will eat absolutely everything!

Ideally I’d love accommodations from 2-4 weeks and as I’m a social person i’d love to work with others. I’m all about making connections and new friends and also grew up around lots of kids so I’m good with little ones too! Also very important: I’m fully vaccinated and will follow whatever covid protocols you may or may not have in place.

Why I joined WWOOF

Of course I’m WWOOFing to travel and see the world but what I’m really looking for out of this experience is to connect to nature and get some headspace, to learn new skills, to get my hands dirty, and to come away with more knowledge about the earth and it’s creatures, including myself.

I’m really excited about learning all about organic farming in every way it’s practiced. I have very far off goals of someday having my own little spot of land, even if that’s just a big vegetable garden in a backyard, and am really passionate about sustainable practices and giving back to earth as well as only taking what is absolutely needed.

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