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Hi there! I’m a Brisbane born & raised Aussie seeking to learn about permaculture and experience life outside the city. I graduated from a Science degree at the University of Queensland at the end of 2019 and had intended to embark on an adventure around the world before 2020 set in.

Now that COVID is relatively contained in Australia, I would love to escape Brisbane and explore other parts of the country. As a person, I’d say I’m an introverted extrovert; I love to meet new people and have a chat, but I also enjoy spending my time reading, writing, taking photos and being active.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Why I joined WWOOF

I recently graduated Uni with a degree in Science & was subsequently intending to explore the world a bit before 2020 set in; as many of us would be realising by now, I figure the next best thing is to explore our own back yard!

Having lived in the city my whole life, my gardening knowledge very limited but I love to learn and am very interested in permaculture.

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Laura McLaren

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