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Hello, my name is Laura, I am 18 years old and living in Germany. I have finished school in July and would like to spend some time on discovering the world. In October 2019 I start with my work and travel adventure in Australia, which I am very much looking forward to. I am super exited because I love to get to know new countries, their people and their culture. I love doing sports any like in paticular riding and swimming , being outside in the nature, working with animals. I also like getting to know new things, talk to people and love new challenges. I am an open-minded, spontaneous, flexible easy going person. I have been to New Zealand in 2014 for 6 months and returned there in 2016 for a month, so my English should be quite good. I have always worked since I am allowed to. My first Job was babysitting, then working at a medical doctors helping with paperworks. Afterwards I worked in a hospital where I served the patients their food and helped them if needed. Currently I am working in a Cafe. I have also done small jobs like driving people around to doctors, took care of animals while the rest of the family were on holiday or helped friends out at with their business.

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During my exchange in New Zealand I lived on a very small farm with animals. Being on a farm was very important for me. I want to work with animals of any kind, especially horses and dogs. I love the feeling of being active outside. That is why I thought Woofing is a good opportunity next to other work in Australia. I think Woofing is a good opportunity to get to know the country better and to get in touch with locals and also maybe meet other woofers. I want to learn new things in any kind of way and hope to achieve it with woofing.

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