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    Hi, I’m Lindsay Sherry! I’m a Canadian born, Minnesota raised, California girl who’s passionate about real food and home cooking. I have an on-going love affair with mother nature and just about anything that walks on 4 legs AND I’m a wannabe farmer. Currently, I run my own health and wellness business in San Diego, California. I am a certified nutritionist, transformation coach, keynote speaker, self-love advocate and health educator. Although I have studied clinical and functional nutrition, most of my expertise and ability to help others comes from my own life experience. A little over 6 years ago I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, which is autoimmune disease of the thyroid. After integrating a holistic approach to my health, I was able to put my condition in to remission in just 6 months. I now work with individuals as well as organizations across the US and Mexico and I teach others not only how to use food as medicine, but how to use food as a gateway to an awakened life.

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    I love my career BUT for the past year and half I’ve felt a bit inauthentic – not just in my work, but also in my life. My internal compass has been guiding me to go deeper. To push pause and disconnect from what I’ve been building, so that what is truly meant to be can have a chance to come through. In order to do that though, I know that I need to become a student again – but this time I’m looking to make my classroom a little less conventional – and a little less local. I love the healing power of food, but I realize the truth is – I don’t really ‘know’ food. I’ve never had to take care of it, grow it, or support and nurture the elements and animals that hep produce it. I understand the science, but I don’t understand the system that creates it. I think if I did, my love for it and my ability to inspire others to change their perspective on food and what they eat, would be taken to new heights. And if that doesn’t happen, that’s just fine too. At the very least, l want to inspire myself. I want to take a year to physically, mentally and emotionally push myself, to work hard and to learn a new skill set. I want to love up on mother nature and learn how to take better care of her, while also learning from other individuals around the world, and I want to produce something that’s tangible and that I believe, has the power to heal the world.

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