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Hi there, I’m Kristina. In my early 50’s I love nature and animals. Living in the city I have 2 worm farms & compost bins and greens growing in containers. I’m interested in learning how to grow veggies & trees organically, regeneratively, & biodynamically – anything to create abundance in life.

I have done a PDC about 10 years ago. At home I ferment veggies and prepare whole grains & legumes. I’m a fish eating vegetarian but have no problems with others eating meat!

I’d love to see how people live an organic/regenerative life and be a part of contributing to and learning about this way of living.

Why I joined WWOOF

I joined WWOOF to meet people who live regeneratively & organically, to learn and experience in some part, this way of living. There is so much that is shown on social media about what people are doing in these fields. It’s inspiring and resonates with me!

I would love to move out of the city and so to meet folk who live this way would fabulous. I’m not afraid of hard work and I crave nature. I joined WWOOF to be able to meet people who live in cycles with nature and a natured based pace of living.

I look forward to meeting you and being a part of living and working this way!

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Kristina Bruveris

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