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Gday Everyone, How to talk about myself, hmmmm Well, I love participating in life, I love nature and being involved in community. I’m am a very creative human who finds pleasure in helping people achieve what it is they wish to create. I’m a pretty hands on person and enjoy figuring things out!

I work in Outdoor Education and engage people in Indigenous informed nature based activities for sharing and learning. This sees me travelling around a bit to engage communities which adds to my awareness about the land and people. I also offer Natural Therapies to assist people in healing themselves (I have a website with further information).

I love a good laugh, I’m rather content in that I don’t need drugs or alcohol to be who I am to relax in life. I appreciate peoples views on the world respectfully, I like looking after myself and those around me. I’m a rather grounded down to earth human who loves meeting people and learning!


Why I joined WWOOF

I joined to partially create an opportunity for myself to take a break from the life I have been living.

I really love community and being a contributor within communities, I’m interested in learning alongside people. I enjoy relating and seeing how people connect with the land.

I really appreciate hands on experience as a means for gaining awareness and enjoy the benefits of living an active lifestyle.

Joining up kind of ticks all the boxes. I feel its important to be real in the world and to meet people to truly learn from one another.

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