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I’m a 65 yo single dad with a 14 yo son, Reuben. He’s interested in working on the land when he finishes school. I’ve recently finished up operating a Fruit &Veg business in Central Victoria. I’ve had many occupations from masseur to gold miner. I’ve spent a few years working in the outback. I’m currently on a pathway to become a secondary school teacher. I do strength training, so I’m fit. We love the outdoors, camping, beach, fishing, motorbikes, hiking. I have an interest in sustainable farming practices.

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My son and I are looking for experiences living and working on the land. He wants to pursue a farming life in some form and it would be great to get some first hand experience and some skills along the way. It has been a tough two years of Covid and remote study and we would love to spread our wings into a different life for a while and regenerate.

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Robert Kirby

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