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Casey Rain Drobena

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Hello, everyone! My name is Casey, I’m a male, currently 23 years old and living in Southern Oregon, USA. I’ve had a couple friends who have WWOOF’d and they loved it and really got me into the idea of trying it out! I have only traveled to Canada and Mexico for vacation and I know this organization would be helpful in letting me explore more of the world. A little bit about myself: I love cooking, I have worked in restaurants since I was 15 and love trying new cuisines. I’m currently enrolled in college for an automotive program, I love cars and building them is extra exciting. My favorite cars are the BMW E30 and E36, and Nissan S14, I’m building my own drift car at the moment! I love snowboarding and doing anything outdoors on a nice day. I have a very chill and easy going attitude and aura about me, and I smile a lot! I’m friendly and get along with pretty much everyone and like to consider myself a cross between an introvert and extrovert. I’m not afraid to work hard and would love an opportunity to start a new adventure. Let’s talk more via phone or skype or however! Thank you for your time. 🙂

Why I joined WWOOF

New experiences, and adventures. Also my friends said it was the best thing they’ve ever done, I want a piece of that! Learning new skills and meeting new people is always a great idea, too.

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