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I am a qualified yoga and meditation teacher and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and long term environmentalist and organic food consumer.

Jeremy is a knowledge worker, grew up on farms, is an extraordinary communicator with a wonderful warm personality.

Jeremy and I have kept our own vegetable garden for many years and are familiar with permaculture and organic methods.

We enjoy volunteer work with community organisations, frequently taking on leadership roles. We like the bush, community art and music, a healthy lifestyle and exploring. We like hard work!

Why I joined WWOOF

Covid-19 has given us the opportunity to take a year away from home. We want to see some of Australia; we want to experience rural community; we want to support organic growers in a time when our experience and labour might be useful.

We would like to enjoy new relationships, see different ways of living life, understand our country and our fellow Australians more deeply.

At the end of our year we hope to have some new friends, to have lived in some remarkable places and to have contributed to some remarkable food production.

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Kaye Gartner

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Jeremy Aitken

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Aust/NZ Citizen



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