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Katie Brooke

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    Hey my name is Katie! I am 21 years old and Australian. I have lived in most states of Australia and hope to continue travelling to the parts I am yet to explore.

    As well as exploring my home country I have also travelled overseas. In 2017 I lived in a rural Fijian village working as a primary school teacher. In 2019 I lived in the UK travelling around England and Scotland as a WWOOFer.

    I have also travelled to New Zealand, China, Vanuatu and Canada. My hobbies include travelling, that’s probably obvious! I also love to create, anything, but at the moment I especially enjoy to paint and write. I am passionate about nature and I also consider myself a spiritual being.

    I love meeting new people who have stories to tell, I have found that the best way to learn is through genuine conversation and I love to learn so new connections is something I cherish.

    I love getting my hands dirty in the garden which is handy for WWOOF haha. Work wise I have experience in a few fields. I like to try new things and as I said earlier I love to learn. Before I found my passion for working with nature I worked a retail and office job.

    Since returning to Aus last year I have worked on an avocado farm, mostly in the nursery and sometimes picking. Most recently I worked as a gardener for a company that has a large Cactus garden open to tourists.

    Generally I am an adventurous, friendly, caring, hardworking and honest Aussie gal who loves to see new places, spend time in nature, create and connect. I look forward to WWOOFing in my home country.

    Why I joined WWOOF

    When I originally joined WWOOF UK in late 2018 it was a combination of a passion fuelled motivation to live life how I want to, coincidental or universal signs, timing, and the fact that WWOOF aligned with my values and passions. I was looking for a change.

    I knew what I wanted to do but had no idea how to do it. But thankfully I stumbled upon the world of WWOOFing and saw it as the perfect opportunity for me. I was very thorough with my research as there are many other companies that offer similar experiences, also because I was young and travelling solo, but WWOOF always stuck out to me the most.

    I have always felt that nature is my true home and nothing makes me happier than travelling, spending time nurturing the earth, and connecting with new people and places.

    Choosing WWOOF the first time around was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I’m more than excited to dive back into the experience – this time in my home country!

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    Katie Brooke

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    Aust/NZ Citizen

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    Tenille Elise (Sister)





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