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Hello! I’m 19 years old and originally from the US. I’m currently taking a gap year from University, and despite growing up in a big city, I have always loved nature. Ever since I was a small child, I have spent as much time as I can outdoors and on farms. I love adventure, and often try to put myself in new and challenging situations.

The most memorable of these experiences have been when I volunteered at an elephant hospital in Thailand. For a month I worked to help keep the grounds clean, and cut tall grass with a machete to feed the elephant patients. That trip definitely deepened my love of animals, and my commitment working hard for a good cause.

Having moved around a lot in life, living in Los Angeles, Boston, New York, and now Sydney, I am very adaptable. While I’m a little bit quiet at first and like spending time on my own, I love meeting new people and having deep conversations.

I love to write, read, and am an avid film buff. I’m so looking forward to what new experiences I may have with WWOOF!

Why I joined WWOOF

I’m joining WWOOF because I love animals, the outdoors, and organic farming. It is my ultimate dream to someday have a small farm of my own. Having experience working on a farm is definitely the first tangible step I can take in that direction. I want to gain as much knowledge as I can in order to be a farmer myself someday.

I also find that I am happiest when I’m away from the city, gardening and working with animals. I discovered my passion for organic farming starting at the age of 11. For four years I attended a farm camp in Northern California. I loved with my whole heart working in the garden and tending to the sheep, goats, and cows. I even wrestled a few pigs.

The reason why I joined WWOOF, to put it simply, is I because I know I’ll enjoy it.

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