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anthony PAVIA

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About Me

Personal Bio

Considering life and living beings as marvelous, I learn to know myself and my reality to improve my way of being.

After have worked with physically handicapped people to improve their way of life with advices and materials, I left my job to travel for months throughout Europe with my van and my friends.

Seeing humans fighting for energy, I came in Australia to work in renewables energies. I have worked 14 months on 6 solar farms, operating forklift and telehandler, and managing a logistics team to install millions of solar panels.

Seeing humans destructing their living conditions and biodiversity, I know that permaculture is one of the best way to correct it and I want to keep going my personal development on this way. I read and learn much about it. I have learn how to operate excavator and backhoe to be able to level the ground in a similar way than the Austrian Sepp Holzer.

Keeping my smile wherever I go, I like the Gandhi’s philosophy: “Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony” and “Be the change that you want to see in the world”.

So I want to integrate permaculture and meditation in my daily practice and way of thinking.

My goal is to lead myself and humans towards the same direction: Peace, Love and Unity.

I practice thankfulness and have faith in One Love.


Why I joined WWOOF

To integrate permaculture in my daily practice and way of thinking

My Details


anthony PAVIA

Visa Type/Citizenship

Working Holiday Visa





Country of Origin


States you want to Volunteer in

Aust Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland


Languages I speak

English and French

My Skills

Backhoe and excavator licences, experience on it on farm, and on tractor too. Skilled for trenching and backfill. I am experienced as a plumber. I have been a telehandler operator on solar farms in Australia for more than 1 year. I built my own greenhouse with only recycled and free materials, including nails. I make grow my vegetables and collect rain water. I read much and love to learn about permaculture. I'm really physically fit and willing to help to produce food in a sustainable way. I have managed logistics on small and big solar farm projects. I'm a handyman and know how to use power and hand tools. • Strong organisational skills, willingness to learn and to follow procedures • Strong analytics, numerical and problem solving skills • Easily adapt to new environments, enjoy team work, able to work unsupervised • Highly motivated and task driven, safety focused • Efficient and courteous • Provide a positive attitude

Skills I would like to learn

Organic Practices, Permaculture/Biodynamics, Gardening, Pruning, Propagating, Composting, Soil conservation, Biodynamics practices and techniques, Mulching, Animal Care, Mustering, Beekeeping, Worm farming, Fencing, Building, Natural building methods, Tool making, Cheese making, Preserving food, Wild food foraging, Fermenting food, Bread Making


Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten free


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