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Hey there! I’m an Ocean Grove local who is looking to gain some experience in permaculture and organic farming. I’m a bit different from the typical WWOOFer as I’ve already got accommodation sorted in Ocean Grove (woot woot!).

I’ve just started exploring Off the Grid living, Farm Life, Permaculture and Sustainability and after a locked-down start to the year, I’m hanging to be outside, amongst nature, learning and helping as much as I can!

Why I joined WWOOF

Because I want to learn! I’m a hands-on learner, and with my greatest achievement to date being my ability to keep 25 house plants alive for 2+ years, and worm farm for 4 months – I’ve got a way to go.

I’d love to support the hosts in cultivating their own piece of land, join the sustainability community and give back where I can.

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Chantelle Baxter

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Chantelle Baxter

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