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Hey everybody, my name is Juliane, but everybody just calls me Julie though it´s a little easier for non German people 😉

I’m turning 23 this year and actually a student of agriculture in Germany.  I went traveling for 3 years after I finished High School in 2016 to try out all sorts of things and to find out about my interests. Well I love food, nature (and sports, especially surfing and horse riding) since ever and there is nothing more interesting for me than, how the production of food, the changes in our climate/environment and the awareness of the population about these things are connected and how they changed in last decades. I’m not a full-time hippy but  try to live a sustainable life. Anyway…during my years traveling I worked on different farms, in restaurants, surf schools, as an Aupair, in a riding schools and in an animal clinic. I’m super easy going as long as I’ve got things to do, I love (making) music, singing, dancing, hanging out….and of course a little bit of partying 😉 I actually enjoy working the most, when I reach my limits, nothing better than a good sleep after a long working day. I need to take responsibility  and I like to have the chance to ask things if I’m not sure about something. There’re heaps of questions out there I need to find answers to 😀

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I joined Woofing cause I want to learn pretty much everything about organic farming, sustainable living and life in Australia in general.

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