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judy appleton

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We have 10 acres at bendigo and raise a small flock of sheep, and heritage poultry with 10 different breeds, we also have a Jack russell dog that helps with the chooks, we grow vegetables in wicking beds to save water and feed our poultry natural grains. Wh hatch beautiful chics and mostly have foster hens raise them, we also try to use everything preloved to leave a smaller foot print and so have some great structures and adaptations , we love to do mosaics and if happy to do so each wwoofer does a mosaic to leave here as a reminder of their visit. Bendigo is a beautiful historical town and has many more small historical towns near by. We are retired and very relaxed and are happy to fit in with wwoofers plans, all we require is respect, honesty and a sense of humour. We have a lovely bedroom for your comfort with shared bathroom, and great meals, my husband is a great cook. The best part is the interaction with new friends around our table of an evening and we love that.

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judy appleton



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I originally became a host to get some help, now some 10 years later the help is still a big part but the broadening of our cultural diversaty has been such an unexpected surprise that it outweighs all other benifits.



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