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Commercial Farm

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350 Acres, rolling country, producing beef, eggs, sometimes chicken, sold direct to families. No chemicals used on land or livestock Operate using Holistic Management and Permaculture principles. We are only small and sell up to 5 dozen eggs per day and pre the 4 year drought we used to sell 1 beast per month. We package this into 10kg boxes of mixed cuts and sell direct through our website.

We operate a small family farm 30 minutes north of

Orange on the Central Tablelands of NSW.


We ethically raise beef cattle chicken and eggs and

sell direct to local people.


We believe animals should be ethically raised, free from

pesticides, insecticides, antibiotics, and growth hormones.

Our land is managed to capture carbon, build soil and increase the diversity of species without the use of artificial chemicals and fertilisers.

Organic/Biological methods we use

Holistic Management, low stress stock handling

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Hope to teach and learn from people with different experiences and create a mutually beneficial relationship. Would like to create an opportunity for a young person or couple to create a food-based enterprise. Also, we need help. Last helpers moved to Tazzi.



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