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Hi, Luke and I are taking a year off with our children to travel, learn more about farming in different countries and just generally have a different pace of life. We have been passionate about growing our own food and preserving it for 7 years. Being a teacher/vice principal, I spend my summers looking after our kids and canning or dehydrating food. Luke is a physiotherapist by trade. We are all very active and love being outdoors whether it be camping, hiking, biking or kayaking. Our girls are 6 and 8 currently and they will both be homeschooled for the year. Both our girls love to help and they consider themselves very independent (sometimes too much).

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I woofed when I was 25 in France and loved it as a way of getting to know local food and culture. It presents a good purpose of supporting and learning from others while still giving a sense of being on vacation because the experience is so different. We want our kids to see travelling as a way of getting to know others rather than just site seeing. Luke and I have both found that the beauty of traveling is in the people we meet and the relationships we build.

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