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Hi there, I am JP! Im a giant man with the heart of a teddy bear. Very fond of people and places of all persuasions, both big and small alike. You’ll often find me getting lost on random conversation, or find me with both hands in some kind of project, love to keep busy and involved with community.

I’m very much a jack of all trades having managed a family farm, lived around the globe facilitating adventure based outdoor programs, involved / Director of a music festival and genuine shindiggery of the most delectable kind – I’m also package deal as my best mate Dusty (red kelpie) and I are joined at the hip!

Why I joined WWOOF

Ive hosted WWOOFers on our own property in the past as well as enjoyed the WWOOFing experience myself as a guest.

I love manual work and being about in the dirt and sun – mostly I enjoy the socail aspect that comes along with a woofing relationship, my favourite kind of work life balance.

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John_Paul Murphy

Visa Type/Citizenship

Aust/NZ Citizen

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Dusty (my red kelpie)



Country of Origin



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Skills I would like to learn

Organic Practices, Permaculture/Biodynamics


All food


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