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Alysha Summer Stacey

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Alysha Summer: I can’t wait any longer and I am so excited to travel to Australia, a dream comes true! I’m looking forward to all the things that will come. I have always loved other cultures and their customs, to learn more about their lifestyle. Travellingis for me to digging deeper, to learn more about myself and about Life. To tell you something about myself: 21 Years old, from Switzerland. I’m a dreamer not just in the night, I love long anddeep conversations. I’m emotional and also a thinker, always searching for the truths and ask critically questions. A positive mind and a good atmosphere creator. I love to live in the moment! I love to write and sing, to experience more new things, the nature and to hike… to explore. The ocean and the waves, I started to learn surfing and hope I can do it more often! I would love to learn more about permaculture, about to life self-sufficient, gardening, cooking… to be a helping hand on your farm or your little home would be a honor to me!

Jordan Joy:

A trip to Australia combined with a stage on a woofer farm is on my bucked list. Since November we are traveling thought New Zealand with our van and we had have some very good wwoof experiences. So I am very looking forward to wwoof in Australia.

I really would like to get a deeper understanding in organic or permaculture and to gain some knowledge, witch I can use in my future education. (Naturopathic Medicine)

I am really happy to grown up on the country side and a mum who loves to cook out of our own garden. To see how a plant or an animal grows fills me up with thankfulness. I am used to do outdoor work, with plants or animals and it let me feel free and awaken. We self own a dog(Ridgeback) and two cats, but I’m also used to ride horses and lived for a while on a farm with cows, pigs and sheep. My personality is open for new adventures, loves to learn new things, positive minded, likes to talk deep conservations or also enjoying the silent or nature.

Altought I eat more plant and fruit based, but I can arrange me and look for my own food if it would be complicated.I really love about traveling combined with working that I can see in a different lifestyle and to pick up something from your knowledge. Hope I can join your farm by being a helping hand.


Why I joined WWOOF

We joined wwoofing because it’s the one oft he best way to combine traveling with working. Furthermore I like the way of giving and taking from each other in the wwoofing experience. We wwoofed for a while in New Zealand and we had very good experiences. Also it is beautiful to learn more about the life of the native people and to learn more about the culture. Even if we love to be on the road it’s nice to have from time to time a little home and to be a part of a family/ community. Another reason why we joined wwoofing is that you can learn from other people how they life or doing their garden. We love to work with or in the nature and to do active work. To learn is an mind opener and we really like to be more keen on in the self-supporter lifestyle.

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Alysha Summer Stacey

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Aust/NZ Citizen

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Jordan Stadelmann





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New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia



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