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Jessica Teisseyre

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We are a couple who met while travelling in Laos and were brought closer together by our love over locally sourced food. Travelling around South East Asia trying different and exotic foods ranging in quality made us ask “How are these foods grown?”. We started to develop a passion for high quality and sustainable foods and managed to work on an organic cattle station in WA for the last year. This widened our horizon and gave us an extra drive to find other sustainable farming practices. Hi I’m Jess from San Diego, CA. I qualified as teacher in New York in 2014 and since then I have been very fortunate to be able to travel and teach around the world. From a young age I developed an infatuation with cooking, as I was a vegetarian in a mainly meat eating family, so I had to cook my meals for myself. This infatuation grew and I started to become curious of where my products are grown and more importantly, how? Hey, I’m Al from Robin Hood county, Nottingham UK. I graduated from Sheffield University with a Masters in Chemistry in 2015 and decided I wanted to go travelling for a year as a little reward to myself. 5 Years later and still on the road, a real enthusiasm to eat and try new foods has developed. With this enthusiasm a natural intrigue started to grow – how are these food are grown? What’s the science behind them? What methods are used? and can we make these methods better? A real desire to become self sufficient and sustainable in a modern world. While working on the station we both learned so much. Jess was the governess and Al was a station hand. We did everything on the station from teaching the kids, checking water points, servicing, repairing and installing windmills and solar panels, fencing, cooking, looking after cattle, chickens, pigs and horses, mustering, garden maintenance, basic mechanical maintenance and repairs and so much more. We are well rounded people who don’t mind getting our hands dirty and enjoy problem solving. We love working in teams, learning new things and building on the knowledge we already have. We worked with WWOOFers that came to the station and now we are ready to become one!

Why I joined WWOOF

We decided to join WWOOF because we want to learn so much more and not just about one area of agriculture. There are such a variety of climates and different environments in Australia that we thought this would be a great platform and place to increase our knowledge and also our horizon. To exchange information for hard work.

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