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Hello! My name is Jesse, 28 years old and I was born in Sydney where I have lived my whole life. I have travelled abroad numerous times and live life for new experiences and meeting people. I believe it is important to be self-aware, socially conscious, considerate of the environment and value self-expression.

My passion lies in social work, my most recent role was as a youth worker at a homeless refuge, where I worked for 2 and a half years. Alongside this I have volunteered in positions to support people with mental health issues and safety while using drugs.

Some interests: I have been playing quite a bit of chess lately, I enjoy movies, bad jokes, festivals and just going with the flow. I like trying new things and open to whatever comes my way.

Why I joined WWOOF

Last year I booked a one way ticket overseas, alas that dream did not come true so here I am following a different path with just as many cool options. I want to travel around to gain experience on the land, learn new skills and see different lifestyles and landscapes – I am pretty keen to see where this journey could lead.

Some goals I have are to read more books, work with animals, ride more horses and drive a tractor.
I want to learn how to build a house.

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Jesse Scott

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Vegetarian, Vegan


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