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I currently work at Heirloom Harvest/Dancing Waters Farm in Mount Compass, SA. Job responsibilities include a variety of farm tasks, from sowing seed, tending to seedlings, bed prepping with compost, irrigation lines and weed mats, constructing new irrigation lines, transplanting seedlings, spraying with organic fertiliser, herbicides and pesticides, weeding, pruning, dividing/replanting, harvesting, washing/packing, microgreens, seed saving, cleaning seeds, packing seeds and tools for online sales, helped construct polytunnel and other bed hoops/nets.

I can also use a compact loader. I am trustworthy, reliable, hardworking, passionate and genuine. I work well with people and individually.

I previously worked at Protea World, Mount Compass. There I was responsible for propagation by cutting and seed, repotting, watering, moving plants, constructing new areas for plants, weeding, labelling, bagging potting mix, pruning and cutting flowers. I also answered the phone a number of times, and learnt how to use a quad bike.

Fast learner, good people skills. Keen as a lean green bean 😉

Why I joined WWOOF

To gain new knowledge and skills in organic practices, meet new people, explore new locations, and get down and dirty!

Peace out brussel sprout ✌🤣 P.S. Puns and lame dad jokes included in this awesome package. Not a dad yet!

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Jesse Hollier

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