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Armand Jean Masini

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Hello, my name is Jean and I am a 39 year old Swiss man (Jean = John in French). My mother tongue is French, but I speak English well enough to communicate and meet English-speakers. Curious and sociable, I enjoy learning new things, meeting new people and new cultures. That’s why I have done several studies and practiced many professions (hydrogeologist, teacher, electronician, caregiver and educator specialized in a small barnyard, among others).

Not only did I have good contacts with everyone I worked with, but I also enjoyed working individually and doing activities alone. I like walking, doing things with my hands, reading and writing. I am rather calm and discreet and very respectful of others (of their privacy, their opinions, etc.). And I’m very fond of humor! (Which will probably be the most complicated part of my personality to express because of the language barrier).

Why I joined WWOOF

As far as I can remember, I have always wanted to go on an adventure and have always been afraid to take the plunge. As if I told me that I first need to have a ‘concrete’ professionnal situation in Switzerland before venturing myself abroad. That and other things, I guess! Now that I’m nearly 40, I realize that I have assimilated a lot of professional experiences without finding the good one. And as I was giving up a teacher’s study programm newly begun, I felt a great need to get closer to nature. Taking a step back from my life and getting closer to more basic aspects of life itself in the same time. It’s now or never ! I said to myself. Precisely because I have no ‘concrete’ situation, paradoxically. And no child nor constraints preventing me from taking off.

The idea of wwoofing imposed itself quickly. By providing a reassuring context to my journey (versus backpacking alone for 2 or 3 month) and giving it a strong meaning: participating in various useful activities on organic farms and really meeting some inhabitants of the area (I’m sure that staying and working somewhere for a while is the best way to do it and to experience other cultures and ways of life). Moreover, given the good reputation of Aussies and my desire to learn English, my interest in Australian wild life (so crazy and fascinating!) and the fact that it’s summer at this period of the year (without speaking about the incredible opportunity of being ‘upside down’ and spending Christmas in t-shirt), I didn’t need much time to choose my destination.

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