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I love hiking, playing the guitar and listening to audiobooks.

I would like to learn more about permaculture and regenerative Agriculture as I feel the traditional way of sourcing our food through mono-cropping isn’t benefiting anyone.

I enjoy thought provoking and challenging conversations on all topics. And I have a drive to some day manage my own piece of earth for a permaculture farm. Hence my willingness to be a WWOOFer.

Why I joined WWOOF

Most of what people put in their mouths is garbage. The packed, ultra refined, pesticide laiden food is sending most people toward an early demise.

True wealth I believe is the knowledge of where your food is coming from and having access to seasonal organic food and being able to share it with others.

As I said above, I would like to run a small scale permaculture farm in the future so the first most logical step in that direction is to volunteer on others farm.

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Joseph Carr-Moore

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Aust/NZ Citizen




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