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I’ve grown up in the bush and at the beach so ive always loved everything from 4wding to diving and every active thing in between. I am currently caretaker for a 100 acre property that I also cut timber slabs for the owner and my other job is installing louvertec and markilux products for a local company.

Why I joined WWOOF

I want to start a farm and have that be my career. I’ve tried a few other fields already and nothing really interested me longterm. I’ve always had quite extensive vegie gardens around me as a kid and as I got older and fitness became a large aspect of my life I started to get into things like Ruth stout farming, huglekulture mounds and eventually developed my own little system that blended the two with some other techniques and I’ve been experimenting with that system on a larger scale on the property I work at in hopes to start an organic farm in the future. I have lived from east coast to west coast and just about north to south of Australia yet sadly never worked on a farm beyond just helping a mate for a day or two so this is an opportunity for me to tick so many boxes at once and have a great time doing it.

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